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tv   KPIX 5 News Early Edition  CBS  September 29, 2014 5:00am-6:01am PDT

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becoming and over estimated the strength of iraq's army. the president ld 60 minutes the situation now calls for military force to cut out funding to isis to stop the flow of foreign fighters. game number 162, the a's wrap it up. >> the a's are headed to a post season. it gave oakland the last wild card slot in the american league in the final day of play. they will play tomorrow in kansas city. from across the bay to around the world, the stories that matter on kpix 5 news this morning. good morning everyone. >> happy monday everyone, it is 5:00. >> and we are looking at some major road closures all around san francisco, this is the tweet that they sent out a little while ago warning of
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those closures, it continues through thursday, and if you're coming off of the bay bridge right around that fifth street exit we could see some extra traffic, congestion, a little confusion as well. that doesn't wrap up until the end of this week. also over night. highway 37 re-opened between 37 and 121. everything is good to go in both directions. we'll get a look in the meantime we have to get you out the door weather wise. >> we have some big fog settling in, visibility down half a mile. watch out for that early on this morning. some clouds heading to the east now, by this afternoon, skies becoming mostly sunny away from the coastline, even 70s and 80s inland, 60s towards the coast and partly cloudy skies. we've got some patchy fog over san francisco right now, 57, and 56 degrees in concord. this afternoon, a whole lot of sunshine outside this just the
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beginning of some warmer weather 70s and 80s inland, 60s along the coastline, heading towards the middle of the week, temperatures near the 70s. 5:02. developing news this morning police savely detonated a suspicious device found by the high school. it was found at a vacant home on summer street. nobody injured right now, no indication what that device was or who may have put it there. 2 men in their 20s are under arrest for 8 fires set over the weekend. the fires damaged and destroyed homes and businesses early sunday morning. most of the fires were within a few blocks near park street. they were set in dumpsters, cars and trash piles outside of the buildings. 1 business had to be red tagged because of the damage. happening today a town hall meeting planned this afternoon
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to discuss the fatal officer- involved shooting in downtown san francisco. they'll update the community on the shooting. it happened when a high speed car chase ended, police shot the suspect after he allegedly started firing at them. >> today's meeting is at noontime near washington street. california campuses have rules on consentual consent. they explain the law signed in yesterday. this is essentially built on the premise on the old phrase, no means no is out dated and unclear, they are going to have, yes, means yes. it is a conscious decision before students have sex. a lack of resistance, silence or if the other person is asleep or unconscious, that
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cannot be interpretedas a yes. it applies to students both on and off-campus. >> do you support this yes means yes wholeheartedly? >> yes. >> people already assume that you're open to that or some things are just unclear. i definitely think yes is yes and there is nothing, no confusion, period. >> and the campuses are also required to adopt a victim policy and procedure with how police departments are handling these kinds of crimes, back to you. and does it have to be a verbal consent? >> no. so it can be a nonverbal consent, it can be a nod of the head or if the other person moves closer to your partner, that could be considered as a yes. we are live, kpix 5. we expect to learn whether court workers in san francisco decided to go on strike.
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union meters say they are holding a multimillion reserve fund, they say this only makes income and equality worse in the city as a whole. it will wrap up later. the man behind the beheading of a woman in oklahoma will be charged today. he is suspected of attacking 2 women and beheading 1 of them just outside of oklahoma city. police say the company's ceo who is also a reserved sheriff's deputy ended the attack by shooting him. developing news today war planes from the u.s.-led coalition led isis positions in 4 provinces in northern and eastern syria. they hit a grain silo as well as the entrance into the company's gas plant there. president obama is admitting u.s. intelligence under estimates the threat from isis, he spoke last night on 60
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minutes. >> during the chaos of the syrian civil war where essentially you have huge sloth of areas completely uncovered. they take advantage of that chaos and attract foreign fighters. mr. obama also says the u.s. over estimated the iraq's army's ability and will to fight but he insists he will not put american troops on the ground to secure that region. a new president has just been sworn into office, he is replacing another, the country's first democrat transfer since the u.s. led back in 2001. the new president will share power with his election challenger, with the position created. details are emerging which gunfire hit the white house. they report all those secret
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service agents rushed to respond to the smell of gunfire, they got an order over the radio to stand down. the president and first lady were out of town, but their youngest daughter was home. a housekeeper noticed broken glass and plaster. >> they will take any necessary steps to correct the problems. >> they found at least 7 bullets to hit the building only then was the fbi called in around the same time the suspected gunman was arrested in pennsylvania. the obama's were reportedly furious with the secret service. the faa expects improvements today in air travel through the 2 major airport, it is replacing the entire central computer and network in chicago area control center. this will come after an employee allegedly set fire at that facility. it prompted the cancelation of more than 2000 flights through the windy city. time now is 5:07, how low can they go, gas prices are dipping around the u.s., after
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the break, why experts expect it to be a jolly holiday season. >> it is national coffee day. serving up some coffee and lottery tickets and some lottery talk as the news continues. starting out with patchy fog this morning but a whole lot of sunshine coming our way. the commute has gun begun now, but it does clear out at the interchange. we want to know what drives you crazy during your commute. e-mail us or tweet me and watch to see if your question gets answered on air. we'll be right back.
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bring them all to the table with the kfc favorites bucket. 8 pieces of chicken with 12 hot wings or 6 extra crispy tenders. ♪ keep kids fit he hopes to kp kids fit and focused. but mark kelly reports: . a rock climber is pushing schools to embrace the sport, helping keep kids fit and focused. >> they hope convincing them could be a tall order. >> this rock climber stands tall and cloud alongside his fall. >> this is a 20-foot mobile wall. >> his plan, to drive this wall on his truck to schools so they can see first hand the health and wellness benefit the sport
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can give to students. >> taking it to school and providing free climbing to lunch and after school, once they see the value in it to convince them to build a wall in their own school. >> he launched a brand new nonprofit, it is called a i achieve climbing. it says it will help achieve graduation rates. >> it taught me organization, focus, drive, and a sense of accomplishment when i was done. >> rock climber anthony is prepping himself to scale a 50- foot high wall. really fun sport, it is like different from all the others. >> he is just 11 years old but has been climbing these walls since he walked. he thinks more schools should have climbing walls.
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which they love because for him, every climb builds his confidence. >> you really psyched and feel really good when you don't think and you do it and you do it, you have like, so much confidence in yourself, it is a really nice feeling. these climbers believe every young person deserves to experience at a young age while still in school. it is an addiction, but a super positive addiction. his goal is to have a rock wall at every junior high and high school by the year 2025. and they'll hold a public meeting on rail safety being called a community conversation. it comes as the city weighs an application to receive and process crude oil delivered by rail. representatives from union pacific will be there. ride share companies could face legal action for lying to
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the public. the san francisco da office says all 3 companies misled customers saying the backgrounds and checks screens everyone. he charged an uber for striking a customer but had been convicted of felony drug dealing and misdemeanor battery. a gallon of gas less than $3, first time that's happened since 2010. but not for us in california or new york, or connecticut. an abundance in creasing. and we always kind of get the short end. >> california is always left out. >> usually we're number 1 on the highest gas price list. if you are hitting road you may be burning through a lot of gas. we have some areas of slow
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traffic, some over night road work is clear, we have a stall now, i think it is still early, we shouldn't see much of a delay with it. the drive time is only about 12 minutes, trying to get out, but again this stall is just passed the tole plaza. much better news for commuters, reopened before 2:00 a.m. between highway 29 and 121, if it hadn't open that would have caused some major delays. >> and they've had that road closed for the past weekend. >> here's a look at sensors. coming off 205, the delays and we see more slowing close to the dublin interchange. most of the drive time looks pretty good. this is westbound traffic on
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580 and it does look pretty good. that's your latest monday back to work commute, let's get a check at your forecast now. this is going to be the nicest week of fall so far. we are starting out with patchy fog, visibility is down to a quarter of a mile now, half a mile in the san rose area. this is going to kick east and bring with us more sunshine as high pressure builds in over the next couple of days, fall, sunshine, and much warmer temperatures are on the horizon. high pressure nudging its way back in across the bay area, low pressure slides east, warm in the valleys in fact you're looking at some mid-80s and also fresno, partly cloudy, and 69. low clouds and fog, hugging the coastline and some of the valleys too, we'll probably see a mix of sunshine and clouds along the coastline, looks like
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it will make a return later on tonight. temperatures will start to warm things up a few degrees, 77 in san jose, 75 in freemont, and 67 degrees. east bay numbers up in the 70s, low 80s this afternoon, in the north bay you'll see 77 in santa rose, about 70 degrees in san francisco, 66 degrees in daly city. and here comes the off-shore winds those will kick in kicking up temperatures inland, 70s out towards the beaches i think that nice weather going to stick around and thursday and on friday maybe some 90s in the valleys, mid-70s towards the coastline, and then cooling down slightly as we head towards the weekend. why are now not on vacation this week? >> that is an excellent question, i think i should go now. >> no kidding. >> by the way, who is on vacation this week? >> somebody very smart. >> all right. you guys love coffee, right?
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>> we love it. >> today you could get a free 1, coffee drinkers may be interested to know today is national coffee day. they are giving away free or discounted cups of joe. this 1 gets you into the stores so you buy some other goodies. here's a look, petes ray petes, crispy cream, they have a dark roast, or iced coffee waiting for you today for a buck. during breakfast at mcdonald's you can get a small coffee at no cost. brink up and enjoy. donut shops are open early around the bay area some cases due to national coffee day. and we're at 1 of them right now, good morning. >> reporter: yes i am behind the counter here. did you gentlemen know that today is national coffee day? >> no i didn't.
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>> get over here, what is your name. >> tony holly. >> look inside what you ordered? tony? what is that? >> it is the most delicious donut. i got a chocolate old fashion and a glazed donut. >> martin. >> did you know it is national coffee day? did you order a coffee? >> no we come every day we come to get coffee. >> i talked to kelly here, kelly is the owner since it is national coffee day, we're not going to give you free coffee, sorry. that's not going to happen. we're going to, i talked her into this. they are donuts. they are little tiny 1s have you ever tried them before? they are really good. look at this guys. you get a free little donut. >> thank you very much. happy national coffee day. >> tell me what you think about your cream puff. >> oh my gosh, okay. >> really good, that's
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wonderful. >> kelly is the owner here, how long have you owned this? >> 28 years. >> do you know when she started operating this business she didn't have any children, tell me about your 3 girls. >> 1 is at cal, 1 is at berkeley, she needs to sell a whole lot of donuts because she has kids in college here, we're at hayward come on and say hi, it is national coffee day and you get a free little donut too. and coming up it is only september but the 49ers faced an almost win game against philadelphia, after a long wait the a's are all smiles as they head to the post season. the stories straight ahead. what's cool about your school? e-mail your nomination to us at cool schools and we just might come out and feature your school on the big show. we'll be right back. ,,
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. good morning everyone. 2 months ago there was no question the a's would be in the play offs. the team struggled over the last few months forcing the a's to wait until the final day of the season to get into the post season. he came up huge in texas yesterday top of the ninth, a's
5:24 am
up 2-0. bases loaded, the a's get a wild card spot, they will play in kansas city on tuesday. giants and padres, bottom of the first, goes deep, ties the game, giants win 9-3, they will play at the pirates wednesday in the wild card play off. chip kelly, and the eagles, less than 2 minutes ago the game on the line, didn't happen. jeremy incomplete, 49ers win, they are 2 and 3. >> across the pond if london, no such luck. 2 minutes left in the half, ryan finds him for an 18-yard score, that's the way it ended. and the raiders now drop to o and 4 in speculation, there will be a news conference
5:25 am
today, typically has the news conference when he gets back so we're going to have to wait and see, could be a long week at raider headquarters. let's go back to london for a play of the day, they did have 1 highlight, down the sidelines, beautiful 1-handed grab, look at that. the highlight for the raiders, 1 more time. pulls it in, but that was it. the raiders out of the gate, o and 4. but they did get our play of the gate. it is 5:25. emergency crews gaining more ground on a wildfire burning. how help from mother nature is raising a big concern this morning. the governor brown has signed a new law concerning sexual consent for college students. we've got a live report coming up.
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suspected of several arsonsn alameda.. the targets live. from the cbs bay area studios. this is kpix 5 news. 2 men are under arrest suspected of arsons in almeida. the targets they say they were after. dozens of people feared to be dead after a volcano erupts without any warning in japan. >> a little fog outside, this could turn out to be the nicest week of fall so far, we'll talk about that coming up. and looks like the lanes are filling in over the bay bridge tole plaza, and street closures over san francisco. good morning everyone, it is monday, september 29th. nearly 5:30 now, we begin with some developing news police safely detonated a device found
5:30 am
near pittsburgh high school. >> it was found at a vacant home on summer street, they had a shelter in place there in the neighborhood there, nobody injured, no indication what the device was or who put it there. college students have new rules what it means to get permission to have sex with someone. we're here with details about the law the governor has just signed. >> reporter: good morning. it does not matter in thestudents have known each other for 5 years or 5 minutes, if they are going to have sex, they need to have an understanding about it. >> they are the first in the nation to define and clarify sexual consent with 1 word. >> yes. there is no confusion. >> this is the first law of the kind in the country, it requires an affirmative and
5:31 am
conscious decision before students have sex. a lack of resistance or silence cannot be interpreted as a yes. >> i wouldn't hang out with anyone who think it is cool to take advantage of a girl or anything like that. >> you support this yes means yes? >> yes. >> with 1 and 5 women on college campuses experiencing sexual assault, victim advocates support this new law, say it will provide consistency and requirements for colleges to follow when it is investigating a false report. >> some people just because they dress a certain way people assume that you're open to that, or some things are just unclear. i definitely think yes is yes, there is no confusion period. >> and the colleges now must adopt policies and procedures that get them up to speed and up to date with how police departments are handling these kinds of crimes, back to you. does it matter if the students are off-campus? >> no. this law applies to students on and off-campus, it does not
5:32 am
matter where they are. kpix 5. prairie workers will head back to the bargaining table today that's after that 1 day strike, the ferry captain support staff have been trying to work, have been working without a contract since july the first, talks are stuck on pay raises, health benefit contributions. the district saw 9% pay raise but workers would somewhere to contribute 2% into their plans. they want to raise over 11%, and are willing to contribute 1.5% towards their health benefits. this is the first full day at oracle open world with new ceo mark hurd. the former ceo gave the keynote speech probably for the last time, there was some question as to whether he would show up at the annual event, well he
5:33 am
did, and talked about the importance of oracle strengthening its position in the cloud. >> there is videos of me talking 30 years ago and i never mentioned the cloud. he says they try to offer its customers better solutions, it runs through thursday and commuters take note howard street is closed between third and fourth until then, there may also be some delays in the area. you'll see a lot of people, with their little plaques on. if you're ever around that area south of market you know every year it is the same-old store, it is just gridlocked. the area to avoid if you don't have to be at that conference or anywhere near it. avoid that area. also westbound, that's where traffic tie ups. everything is okay, of course still very early.
5:34 am
>> out the door, cash lanes quickly filling. this is the pattern before the lights are turned on, you can still get into san francisco with no major delays. >> and coming into richmond, it is a fender-bender blocking a couple of delays we are seeing some slowing now in the commute direction backed up to maybe an exit. the slow downs really slow on 205, and remain sluggish to the dublin interchange. another update on our pretty gorgeous looking forecast. a little fog right now. out the door, you can see low pressure sliding in just to the east of us, we're going to be left with a lot of sunshine into the afternoon, away from the coast. temperatures in the 70s maybe low 80s inside the bay, upper 70s and low 80s inland, 60s along the coastline, looks like we've got some patchy fog
5:35 am
outside, temperatures not all that bad, running a little bit cooler this morning, 55 degrees in santa rosa, and mild in san francisco. up to 79 degrees in the napa valley, and 70 degrees in san francisco. back to you. thank you. rain over the past couple of days has provided and assists to thousands of firefighters working on the king fire. containment is now at 89%. there is a downside, an increased danger of mud sides, there is an absence of trees and vegetation, it has turned hillsides into mush. that raises the possibility of mud slides and debris flows. 2 suspects under arrest for 8 fires in alameda. >> the small down of alameda would be up to a lesson about
5:36 am
how much easier it is to destroy rather than create . firefighters ran from fire to fire in a fairly small area centered around park street. 3 homes were set ablaze as flightnd neighbors awoke to the scene. >> they were yelling, it is arson, they've set fire to the fence in the backyard. >> 8 fires in all, many within blocks of each other, all deliberately set near the sides of buildings. >> seems to be of con seen yens, there were convenience. >> a dry-cleaning shop was heavily damaged and was red tagged and so was angelas, a new afghan restaurant scheduled to open in just 2 weeks. the owner could only look on and his dream went up and smoke. >> i'm stunned anybody could do this or to us or anybody else,
5:37 am
i don't know they get out of this devastation that caused a lot of people. >> even as that fire was burning a dumpster was set ablaze in an ally a block away. word later from alameda police, 2 men arrested, suspected of arson there is no word yet on what they have motivated them, but he doesn't really care. >> i don't know, it is hard to imagine, i don't know, to think about all the hard work we did putting this place together. >> and how easily it was destroyed. nobody was hurt in any of those almeida fires. developing news, president obama says u.s. intelligence made a mistake when it evaluated the threat posed by isis. we report the president made that acknowledgment in an interview that aired last night
5:38 am
on 60 minutes. >> president obama admits u.s. intelligence under estimates the threat from isis. >> during the chaos of the war, where you have huge sloths of the country completely ungovernorred. they were able to reconstitute themselves and attract foreign fighters. is president also said they over estimated their ability and will to fight. >> the iraqis have to be willing to fight and have to be willing to fight, and alongside each other, against this cancer in their midst. the u.s. has been bombarding air strikes since early august, it began hitting locations in syria almost a week ago with a coalition of international partners. >> president obama insists he will not put american combat troops on the ground to secure the region. but house speak -r john boehner
5:39 am
says if they can't get the job done, the u.s. may have no choice. these are barbarians. they intend to kill us. if we don't destroy them first, we're going to pay the price. >> the president says there needs to be a political solution. cbs news, washington. today air strikes by the u.s.-led coalition reportedly hit isis positions in northern and eastern syria, the targets included a grain silo and the entrance to syria's largest gas plants. and taking the reigns of power in afghanistan. he was sworn in today to replace the other. it was the first democrat transfer of power since the first u.s. led invasion back in 2001. the new president will share power with his election challenger. he'll be chief executive after marathon negotiations. wall street looking to keep the momentum going after a big rally on friday. >> jill wagner joins us now.
5:40 am
good morning. >> good morning, investors are looking for a lot of economic data including a report that comes out on friday, they predict companies stepped up hiring after a weaker than expected august report. the unemployment rate they believe will likely stay the same at 6.1%. >> trading begins on a high note. they added 167-points on friday, the nasdaq gained 45. it is getting more expensive to use out of network atms. the average fee for going outside your atm network is now $4.35 per transaction. up 5% from last year, some good news for san francisco, as your city has some of the lowest over draft fees in the nation. you know its been a screwy few days when blackberry is having a better week than
5:41 am
apple. they boasted they have orders for their new phone. they already sold out on their initial supply. >> they still make those? >> people still love them. >> if you're a blackberry guy, you're a blackberry guy. and if you're a coffee guy. >> or gal. >> guys being plural for everybody. free coffee. where are we getting free coffee today? >> pretty much 1 big marketing event, who cares if we can get our caffeine fix free of charge. crispy cream, mcdonald's, and duncan is giving away medium cups of the dark roast. frank and michelle, drink up. >> we've already had 1 cup ready for the second 1. >> i'm on 2. >> jill wagner cbs money watch.
5:42 am
all right thanks. all new this morning another american doctor is being treated for exposure to the ebola virus in africa. the doctor is in a special isolation unit in the national institute of health near washington. he has not necessarily contracted the virus. australia says it will not send help because bringing them home if infected. many people feared dead after a massive volcano erupts in japan. while they were on that mountain coming up. and a monster truck stunt goes wrong. we'll be back after that. and a path to success. joining the soccer team. getting help with math. going to prom.
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are holding off on bringing down more bodies from a volcano that just keeps erupts. authorities now believe at least 36 people trapped at the time of the eruption were killed. as some of the victims have been found under nearly 2 feet of ash. >> it continues to spew smoke and ash, complicating recovery efforts. the ash and toxic gases force first responders to stop bringing down the bodies of those killed. crews lifted 8 bodies to a near by town today, some found under 20-inches of ash. it erupted saturday with at least 250 people hiking and sightseeing on it. by the evening, most of them had made their way down. >> this survivor said, i am so glad that i came back alive. >> more than 200 soldiers and
5:46 am
firefighters have been scrambling to find and rescue any survivors. saturday's eruption was the first fatal 1 in modern times at the mountain. a similar eruption occurred back in 1979 but no 1 died. cbs news. a monster truck event turned tragic in the netherlands. the truck was in the middle of the stunt when it severed out of control and into a crowd of spectators. a child and 2 adults were killed. at least a dozen other people were hurt. they expected a break or peddle failure may be to blame. and you can see the tire tracks on 580, at least 30 cars were involved in the illegal stunt. the drivers were spinning donuts for about 3 hours. no arrests have been made. we'll see how we're doing on the highways.
5:47 am
>> on the car scene, we're doing okay. you can see the slow downs coming into san pablo. it remains slow even passed there into richmond and i think they just flipped on the lights at the plaza, we're seeing delays in the cash and fast track lanes. at least going into the over crossings for now. not quite to the maze yet. so right now you're looking at about 20 minutes to get on to the bridge, still looks okay maybe in some of those left lanes but like i said, this is changing minute by minute so. here's a live look, commute is already heavy for this time of the morning, we had a stall reported in the pass, then there was an accident at 205, all that area with some pretty
5:48 am
slow going and a bottleneck approaching. and just remaining sluggish at the dublin interchange. we have your westbound commute, coming in, they must have cleared that stall by now, westbound 92, we did have 1 lane blocked, only 14 minutes out of hayward and much better news for commuters if you were wondering if that highway was going to reopen in time. it reopened after 1:30. and again all clear right now in both directions. that is your latest traffic another check of your forecast, fall is here you can really feel that change in the air. >> you can. >> you know what it is going to be nice too. we're probably going to see the nicest week of fall so far, we are starting off with some patchy, thick fog right in and out. low pressure continues to spin around and head out of town as
5:49 am
it slides eastward, and today should be a very nice day ahead. a little warmer outside, mostly sunny away from the coastline, and plenty of fall sunshine, and much warmer temperatures. high pressure beginning to nudge its way back into our skies as that low kicks into the east, it will bring some stormy weather, high pressure taking over, that's going to warm up temperatures across the state if you're tracking, 65, partly cloudy, 69 degrees, 84 degrees in fresno. all right. low clouds and fog this morning that will slowly begin to break up a little bit and kind of hug the coastline, we'll see a mix of cloud an sunshine towards the beaches and make its way back on shore for tonight. temperature wise, looking very nice outside by the afternoon, plenty of sunshine inside the bay, south bays. even some low 80s, 75 degrees
5:50 am
in los altos, and low 80s by the afternoon, inside the bay we'll find some sunshine today, 74 in oakland, 70 in san francisco. as we look out towards the next couple of days, as we get into wednesday, that off-shore wind kicks in, that will clear out your skies all the way to the coastline, 70s out at the beaches, 80s and 90s in the valley, slightly cooler towards the weekend. >> my inlaws are coming into town this weekend, every time they come it is chilly. so this weekend you're giving them a treat. >> they are never going to want to leave. >> it is going to be nice over the next couple of days. >> day 32 with the inlaws. >> that's right. >> 10 days. no, we love them. >> we'll be right back. >> we'll be right back.
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just by switching to progressive. so you'll be bringing home the bacon in no time. sorry. get a free quote at . we're starting out with some patchy fog, the air quality looking very good, all the way from the coast of the valleys, that could change in the latter part of the week.
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>> taking a look at the freeway, all lanes are back open, eastbound 80, still have some delays in the area, we'll give you a travel time, all coming up. the drought is drain ago lot of money out of california's cash crops. much smaller harvests from grapes to rice. and they are not going to plan as much because of the watershortage they say it could impact more than $2 billion. the game day traffic problems are easing with each game's play. we're at the intersection, here where cars were actually stopping preventing the trains from moving. here's what that same intersection looked like yesterday. easy breezy there, traffic was flowing just fine after the first game they made a lot of improvements to their traffic plan the 9ers tell us that
5:55 am
includes tweaks, signage and lights. ticketholders are very pleased. >> i think this 1 being an earlier game, you're going to only see people coming in at either the 10:00 hour to tailgate or around the 12:30 hour to watch the game so i don't think it is going to be nearly as bad. >> they had the soccer game here, it was terrible, the first game was better, but it was still bad. >> 1 woman living near the stadium planned to protest the congestion but changed her mind after seeing all the improvements. 2 men are charged with starting a string of fires. >> and the governor has signed a new law that attempts to regulate how college students have sex. we've got a live report coming up. ,,,,
5:56 am
bring them all to the table with the kfc favorites bucket. 8 pieces of chicken with 12 hot wings or 6 extra crispy tenders.
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. i'm stunned anyone could do this. >> 2 men are charged with set ago string of fires in alamedo president obama said u.s. intelligence under estimated just how powerful isis was becoming and over estimated the strength of iraq's army. the president telling 60 minutes the situation calls for cutting off funding to isis and stop the flow of foreign fighters. >> game number 162 the a's wrap up the post season. >> the a's are headed to the post season. a victory gave up the last wild card spot. they'll play the royals tomorrow in kansas city. from across the bay to around the world, the stories
6:00 am
that matter on kpix 5 news this morning. . good morning everyone. happy monday everyone, it is 6:00, new this morning a possible after shock to last month's napa valley quake hit just after midnight, centered just a few miles west, 12:1 this :17 this morning. no 1 has reported any injuries. people felt a shake this morning, a 4.4 quake struck in a remote area, it was felt from a coast across the valley up into the sierra foothill. no reports of any damages or injuries there either. police detonated an explosive device found near pittsburgh high school. >> it was found inside a vacant home


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